Are you worried about the competition?

10th September 2016

Business has always moved quickly. But even in the last few years there’s been a major acceleration of the pace of normal business. Today entrepreneurs and innovators are disrupting the markets. Smaller businesses are now successfully competing with, and winning against, larger competitors – capturing opportunities with unprecedented levels of speed, coordination, and execution.

But are you seeing the fruits of this brave new world? Even with the latest cloud apps, many organisations are struggling with disparate systems and multiple data silos. Business owners can’t get timely access to the performance metrics needed to make timely decisions, while back–office teams are spending valuable time on repetitive manual work, manually entering data, and exporting spreadsheets to create status reports.

You need to leverage the latest top trends to run your business in the moment, gain highly relevant insight at the tip of your ngers, and bring your people and your data together, to create a single, fast–moving, and proactive team.

1. Today’s customers are social.

It isn’t always easy to tell if your customers are happy. Ten years ago, simple sales metrics were the KPI of choice for customer satisfaction. Then came customer surveys and social monitoring. But none of these really provide your teams with the full picture. Today, it’s direct customer ratings that give you the instant feedback you need to manage and reward your teams.

2. Digital becoming connected app.

Paper invoices, mailed cheques, bulk printing. Processes like these impede growth; your teams should be working more strategically. But even the paperless office is an outdated concept – the API economy is the future, providing frictionless data connections that integrate systems and data in real time, and make them available from anywhere, on any device, whenever decisions need to be made.

3. Leading brand are playing games.

Gamifcation has become a powerful approach for recognising and engaging hard-to-motivate employees. A recent survey by the Aberdeen Group* found that organisations who deploy gami cation improve interaction by 48% and reduce turnover by 36%. By engaging users in problem-solving, they become more invested in improving outcomes.

4. Financial reporting is instant.

Financial reporting is still highly labour-intensive. Turnaround times have improved over the years, but are your teams still spending too much time compiling month-, quarter-, and year-end reports? The most agile businesses are moving away from reporting cycles—focusing instead on instant reports with real-time business metrics.

5.  Intelligence is now businesswide. Yesterday’s data insight tools can no longer keep up.

Out-of-the box dashboards aren’t speci c to your business, while customized reports are expensive to create and maintain. Easily personalised social scoreboards now make business intelligence available across your organisation – newsfeeds and business insight si ing side by side with nancial and operational metrics.

Now’s the time to choose a smarter, simpler approach.

Welcome to the world of Sage Live. A solution that brings together multiple sources of data so your people can make decisions with speed and certainty, and deliver highly e ective, competitive strategies.

Sage Live creates a single source of truth for your business. That means you can provide your users with constant access to key accounting and operations information, instantly, and more accurately than ever before; regardless of location or device. Best of all, you can leverage the latest social technologies you already know and love.

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